The Dawn Brown Community Learning Award

Gateshead Council Learning Skills Award is an annual event that celebrates learning, participation and achievement. It celebrates remarkable individuals, groups, employers or organisations whose stories will be inspirational to others, and of  lives and communities that have been transformed through learning. This year there was a special award given, as one of Dawns’s last requests, to a friend; Kathleen Andrucci, and this Award will be given every year as The Dawn Brown Inspirational Award, to someone who has inspired others to learn and progress- as Dawn felt inspired by Kathleen.

Kathleen Andrucci collecting her Award from Mick Brown and Chris O’Toole

The Dawn Brown Community Learning Award Winners 2018
This community group meets to challenge themselves to improve their reading. They have taken part in a new scheme ran by the National Reading Agency to read and review six texts. Some of the learners in the group haven’t read before, so reading and reviewing six texts has been a challenge. The group, inspired by their own achievements were supported to host World Book Night, to encourage other members of the community to engage in reading. This involved planning and delivering information sessions. They gave away over 60 books, hosted a book reading and got dressed up in their favourite characters. One learner said, “I’ve never done anything like that before, I wish my mam was still around to see me.”

The winner is the Skills for Life Reading Ahead Club

The Dawn Brown Community Learning Award Runner up 2018
This super young man started his learning journey with learningSkills in the Open-Door breakout group. This young man has multiple learning difficulties but does not let this stop him from doing anything he wants. He attended an internship programme and gained employment at Weatherspoon’s and the Bradbury Centre. He enjoyed attending the Open Door programme so much, he has come back as a volunteer. This young man has improved his own physical and mental well-being by overcoming personal challenges and barriers, this has had a positive impact on everyone in his life. He has achieved coaching qualifications and has used his experience working in the special Olympics to support a local youth club, enriching the lives of others.

The runner up is Richard Young